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Carmen Remote Service Management Software:
Pick-up and Delivery & Mobile Technician Service

At Carmen, we understand the challenges of managing a fleet of mobile technicians and pick-up and delivery services. That's why we've introduced a game-changing solution: Carmen's fully automated Mobile Technician and Pick-up and Delivery scheduling and management service, seamlessly integrated with your dealership processes. With Carmen you can: 

Unlock Your Service Drive

Carmen revolutionizes your service, making it more accessible and efficient than ever before by providing a fully integrated remote service .

Exceed Customer Expectations

Carmen helps you meet and exceed your customers' expectations by providing a convenient and hassle-free remote service experience.

Optimize Recall Service

Stay on top of recalls and ensure your customers receive prompt attention - it is estimated that over70% of recalls can be performed by a mobile technician!

Empower Your Technicians

Create an effective career progression path for your junior technicians, speeding up their learning, boosting morale and retention.

Effortless Mobile Technician and Pick-up and Delivery Service Reservation for Your Customers

We've streamlined the process for your customers, making it as effortless as possible. Now, with the convenience of your dealership's website service booking widget or the Carmen Service mobile application, customers can easily book a Mobile Technician or Vehicle Pick-up and Drop-off service.

Our system ensures a hassle-free experience by verifying the customer's preferred service location and confirming whether it falls within the operational area for mobile technicians.

To make it even more user-friendly, operations that can be performed by our mobile technicians are clearly marked on the customer interface. This way, customers may select only the services available at their chosen location, simplifying their booking process.

Seamless Mobile Technician Booking for Service Advisors and BDC

When scheduling appointments for your customers, Service Advisors and BDCs can easily identify which services qualify for Remote Service.

Carmen's intelligent scheduling system automatically detects the customer's location and anticipates how many of your customers are planning to arrive. Carmen then automatically generates an optimized schedule for your technicians, considering customer locations, drive times, and labor times for requested services.

Introducing the Carmen Remote Service Technician App

Our mobile application for technicians and drivers ensures a smooth service experience. Remote service jobs are dispatched automatically to selected technicians or pick-up and delivery drivers.

Key features include geo-tracking, automated dispatch, automated repair order generation, video walk-arounds, customer messaging, and notifications.

Revolutionizing Remote Service Planning

Carmen enhances dispatch efficiency for mobile technicians and pick-up and delivery jobs. Your dealership's operating area is divided into triangular sectors, plotted around your location. Technicians and drivers are assigned to specific sectors on designated days of the week, allowing for highly optimized routes.

Seamless Remote Service Dispatch and Monitoring

Carmen dispatches remote technician and pick-up and delivery jobs only when technicians and drivers are available, optimizing scheduling based on drive times, allocated services, and dealership preferences.

Monitor your mobile technician and valet driver behavior through the Carmen Remote mobile application, and gain real-time insights into their locations and service job statuses.

Remote Service Customer Questionnaire: Meeting OEM Requirements and Reducing Risks

Prior to scheduling remote service, customers are asked to complete a questionnaire that complies with OEM requirements.

This questionnaire not only ensures compliance but also safeguards your dealership from unexpected risks.