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What Are Our Customers Saying About Carmen?
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Jessica Vida, Hawk Ford, Volkswagen, Nissan

Jessica Vida

Business Development Manager
Hawk Volkswagen, Hawk Ford, Hawk Nissan, Illinois

At Hawk Volkswagen, Hawk Ford & Hawk Nissan – we love our Carmen Scheduling tool. Our full-service BDC can easily schedule appointments, select the correct team/Advisor and with the help of Carmen, we load the shop properly based on our Technician’s available hours.

Since launching Carmen, we have increased appointment volume, increased the number of appointments shown with the texting built into the platform and seen a rise in customers booking their own appointment online!

By offering 3-4 packages to each customer with a thorough explanation of what each package offers, we have also seen an increase of customers selecting Premium options when it comes to maintaining their vehicle.

Our booking process for mobile technician and pick-up and delivery is now seamless and so easy!

The absolute best part about this platform is customer service. As soon as any issue arises, a phone call is made and the issue is in the works of being resolved. Few companies today have that level of customer service- rest assured as a Carmen client, you will always be taken care of!
Nick Rodriguez, Covina Volkswagen

Nick Rodriguez

Service Director, Covina Volkswagen, California

I have used many different scheduling software platforms in my career. None have been as streamlined and user-friendly as the Carmen online scheduler and application.

The chat style customer interface is very efficient and provides a quick and easy scheduling experience for our clientele. Carmen is definitely the best choice for how today’s customers are doing business.
Manny Montanez, Ontario Volkswagen

Manny Montanez

Service Director, Ontario Volkswagen, California

We use Carmen to manage and schedule customer check-in times here at Ontario Volkswagen. The customer facing part of Carmen is seamless and very easy to use for our client and accessible any time. Our clients can check in 24 hours before their check-in time, this allows us to properly prepare for the next day of business. Once in the drive our advisors use cell phones to check the vehicles in, take a video walk around documenting customers concerns, warning lights, dings, scratches, etc.

Carmen team are always available to help with any requests, there is someone available giving us an immediate solution to any questions, and providing support at the highest level I have experienced from any service provider. I am very happy to recommend Carmen scheduler, I trust that your experience with them will be as positive as mine.