Service manager

Does your scheduler take into account days off and vacations?

Yes built into our calendar is the ability to set days off, vacations, and also lunch hours.

Dose the scheduler take into account technician’s days off and vacations?

Yes it does it also take into account skill set of the technician ensuring that appointments are only taken when available technician with the correct skill level is available.

Do your scheduler differentiate between EV, gas and diesel vehicles?

Yes as in previous question the system understands the required tech skill to complete the maintenance or concern reported and boos the appointment on the tech availability.

Does Carmen automatically recognize and push recalls?

Yes, we offer to the customer at time of appointment the option to have a recall completed during their visit, with a disclaimer that some recalls require parts and the recall will be completed based on parts availability.

Can I limit the number of appointments on a specific day?

Yes, we understand that technicians are required to attend OEM school or classes leaving the shop shorthanded during these times as such you have the ability to block off available hours on those dates.

Does the system allow for MPI upsell and take that it into account when scheduling appointments?

Yes, all appointments are scheduled with time blocked off for upsell. This is done by looking at your upsell history and building in an average time specific to individual teams (eg. Quick lane, Main shop, EV and any other teams you would have).

Does Carmen allow the customer to choose their advisor?

Yes, the customer can choose their preferred advisor but thet can also choose the first available advisor. Carmen also looks into the vehicle and  customer history to identify their last advisor.

Can I set the time to accept the last appointment in a day?

Yes you can. You can also set the times to accept the last available appointment with a specific concern (eg. no Check Engine Light appointments after 2PM). These times are customizable to your store.

Fixed Ops Director

I have nine stores in my group, what level of reporting does Carmen offer?

You can view your stores individually or using our enterprise reporting look at the entire group via a collection of reports. Carmen provides an on-screen real time reporting feature covering the most important KPIs such as: store efficiency, online vs in-store or BDC appointment scheduling, online check-in, appointment value, recalls, alternative transportation, loaner utilization and appraisal requests. Carmen also offers enterprise level reporting on a cross-section of store capacity, vehicle, customer, appointment and service data.

We employ the service of an outside BDC, can Carmen facilitate them?

Yes, we can and can also report on the value of each appointment made by them. We can also provide the time when those offsite BDC appointments are made.

How does Carmen's workshop capacity management tool work?

With Carmen's patent pending proprietary capacity management tool, you can control workshop capacity in two forms: by appointment count or available shop hours for sale. Ie: 10 technicians X 8 hour work day we have the ability to offer to the customers a total of 80 hours of labor per day.

What other features does Carmen offer?

Pick-up and delivery support and alternative transportation management are the latest additions to Carmen's toolset.

Does Carmen provide a multi-brand capacity?

Yes, for dealerships with multiple brands utilizing a single feed from the DMS Carmen has the ability to separate and control the appointments as well as reporting for each of the brands.

Does Carmen integrate with CDK's SSPS?

No. There is no available API allowing Carmen to connect to CDK's SSPS.

General Manager / Owner

As a dealership owner, please tell me what makes Carmen special?

A. Carmen provides your customers with a platform that allows them to make appointments. This platform offers the customers and experience they are already familiar with in other industries, ie airlines, hotels etc.

B. Carmen maximizes shop efficiency by selling available hours and not an appointment count.

C. Carmen's proprietary upsell feature means that your expected opening appointment value will be 32.5% higher.

What is the expected ROI on Carmen?

You may expect an ROI in excess of 500%.

Does Carmen offer any unique features?

A. Self-check-in 24 hours prior to appointment, this allows for complete transparency for the manager and ensures the customer will arrive and will arrive on time. Self-check-in offers the customers an opportunity to self-upsell.

B. At time of self-check-in the customer is offered the opportunity to schedule an appraisal on their vehicle and to explore their options. Currently 20% of all customers making service appointments  on Carmen request this option. This request can be sent directly to your CRM, Sales Manager and BDC.

C. Carmen's proprietary automated workshop capacity management tool.

D. Automated dispatch of appointments when customer chooses the first available advisor when booking an appointment.

Do I have full access to reporting?

You can view your stores individually or using our enterprise reporting view at the entire group via a collection of reports. Ie: number of appointments, opening appointment value, most common concerns, appointment time vs. arrival time, opening value on appointments made by the customer vs. appointments made by staff or offsite BDC.

What is your contract term?

12 months, cancel any time after 12 months with 90 days notice.