Every hero has an origin story

Carmen was born out of a desire to create a complete,
intuitive solution for modern auto dealerships' Fixed Ops.
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Hello! I'm Jack Gardiner, CEO of Carmen...

The problem

Having started my career in the service department as a lube tech working my way up to Master Technician, on to an advisor role and eventually ending up as a fixed-ops director, it was very evident that the customer was disconnected from the entire service process  because there simply wasn’t a platform that allowed them to interact.

Solving half the problem

Having developed the Quik platform, it was very evident that we had closed that disconnect and opened up many avenues of communication, not only between the customer and advisor, but a completely new communication channel between the Technician and customer.

Now the technician-customer portal was made wide open via a smart MPI that listed recommendations with pricing which the customer could approve right from their mobile device, this was backed up by a technician video actually showing the concern and explaining why these repairs were necessary.

All good so far.

Searching for a Solution

While attending the NADA show in Las Vegas in 2018 my partner Bartek and I, as most people do when attending trade shows, were looking for new and innovative products and we found several neat and new concepts.

But, every time we looked at schedulers, we were amazed at the lack of opportunity there was for the customer to self-serve.

Why has no one solved this?

Let’s face it, I can fly around the World, book my hotels, barbers, reserve restaurants, and do it all without making a phone call. Why can't I make a reservation to have my car serviced and complete the entire booking on my phone with confirmations not only on my oil change but also my concerns such as a check engine light or recall?

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The Solution: Online Service Scheduling Made Easy

What's the reason why Carmen's online service appointment ratio is well over 3 times higher than with other service scheduling systems? We made online service scheduling easy and informative for your customers. This provides clear information, empowering customers to make informed purchasing decisions. Transparency and customer experience are at the heart of our approach.

Watch the video as Carmen presents the customer experience when booking a service appointment: