The Evolution of Automotive Service Starts Now.

Meet Carmen, a More Personal and Intelligent Service Scheduling Solution.

New: Carmen Remote

Re-imagined Mobile Technician
and Pick-up & Drop-off Platform

Carmen leverages the benefits of mobile customer self-service, machine learning and automation to streamline the service appointment booking and check-in process.

Carmen increases your workshop profit, maximizes store capacity and lowers overheads by automating your service team’s manual tasks.

Happy Customers = Profitable Dealership

Clear Focus: Optimized Workshop Capacity

Finally, a real technology solution where Service Managers', Fixed Ops Directors', and OEMs' goals at the forefront! Carmen maximizes the efficiency of your workshop by utilizing our proprietary automated capacity management solution, increasing staff productivity by over 30%.

Happy Customers = Increase in Appointment Value

Fact:  79% of customers would rather use self-service than a human assisted support channel. Mc Donald’s restaurant self-service increases the average transaction value up to 30%. Currently Carmen increases appointment value by an average of 32.5% (we expect this number to rise as more consumers become familiar with the platform).

Game-Changing Approach: Customer Self Service

Fact: Less than 20% of customers use your current online scheduling tool, costing you hundreds of thousands in dollars in labor. We change the game when it comes to online scheduling. When you switch to Carmen, you may expect an immediate increase of up to 60% in online service appointments.

"Don't Make Me Wait" - New Self-Check-In Process

People often associate service with waiting. Much like the airlines, or a doctor visit, the customer utilizes self-check-in before they arrive. Cutting down on the wait time. That is exactly what Carmen achieves: standardizing the check-in process, and bringing consistency to customers and technicians. Customers want to feel in control of their visit, quickly go through all formalities, and avoid standing in line. Digital self-service check-in before the customer arrives provide a great opportunity to reduce wait time in your service drive.

Your scheduling service should fit your customers, so our solution is tailored to your specific workshop capacity and and your customers needs.

Did you know is estimated that with current providers 76% of customers drop-off during their online appointment scheduling process?

Less than 20% with Carmen.

...that less than 15% of US customers schedule their vehicle service appointments online?

Up to 60% with Carmen.

...that by industry standards, on average it takes up to 20 minutes to check in  each customer at the drive?

Less than 3 minutes with Carmen.

Carmen makes life easier

Because process automation means lower overhead & savings

Automation increases profit and lower overhead. Think of the airlines. There was a time when customers would call to book a flight. Or wait in line to check in. Carmen has taken note of their success and follow suit. All appointment follow up and check in is automated and sent to the customer. Eliminating phone call confirmations and wait times for the customer while in the dealership or on the phone.

Because your scheduling service should fit your customers

One size doesn't fit all, so our solution is tailored to your specific workshop capacity and booking needs. We focus on selling hours. This means less wasted time and better utilization of your technicians' time and workshop resources, increasing productivity.


Carmen automotive cloud software platform has been built entirely with integrations in mind and integrates seamlessly with some of the most popular automotive platforms, data providers and OEM manufacturers.

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Talk to our engineering team